Servicegrossistene AS have chosen Apport WMSServicegrossistene AS have choosen Apport WMS

Servicegrossistene AS have chosen to replace their existing WMS solution with Apport WMS


After a long selection process, the choice landed on the Danish company Apport Systems.

One of the reasons for choosing Apport is that they have a lot of experience with FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). During the next one and a half years the 13 Norwegian wholesalers will implement the new WMS solution.

The solution will cover all functions in the warehouse.

“After a thorough selection process Servicegrossistene have chosen Apport Systems A/S as their future WMS supplier. Apport Systems A/S appear professional, adaptable, future oriented and they have good references from other members of the European Catering Distributors (, which Servicegrossistene are part of”, says Jan van der Burg, Managing Director at Servicegrossistene AS.

“We are incredibly proud of having such a large company choosing Apport as their future WMS partner. We have great experience with the same business that Servicegrossistene AS are in and we look forward to work together with them and their logistics challenges in the future”, says Asger Sandberg Petersen, Sales Director at Apport Systems A/S.

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If you have other questions, please contact Sales Director Asger Sandberg Petersen on mobile: +45 4177 3550 or  by email: