TOOLS AS have chosen Apport WMS

The Norwegian company TOOLS AS have chosen Apport WMS to strengthen their logistic setup in the future. The solution will be up and running in the early fall. 



As for the choice of supplier and solution Logistic Director Sondre Ressem from TOOLS AS says that: "The logistic at TOOLS AS is developing and we want a professional partner that can assist us throughout this process. Apport have shown that they have a great system as well as some skilled employees in addition to the fixed price on their warehouse management projects, which makes us feel secure that this is the best solution for TOOLS AS. 

The solution has to cover all functions in the warehouse from the product comes in till the products go out. 

"We are proud and very happy that we have been selected, and look forward to be the future logistic partner for TOOLS AS in Norway. TOOLS AS is an interesting company and we are looking forward to our cooperation in the future" says Sales Director Asger Sandberg Petersen from Apport Systems A/S.  

Read about TOOLS AS here if you want to know more:

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